College Code: 1062

Grievance Redressal

Procedure of Grievance Cell for the Students

Stage I:

Students can report their grievance to the Class Representative (CR).

Stage II:

If the grievance is not redressed at the Stage I the student can refer the matter to the General Secretary (GS) of the College.

Stage III:

The grievance which could not be sorted out at Stage II can be further referred to the concerned Class Teacher.

Stage IV:

The grievance which could not be redressed at Stage III can be addressed to Grievance Cell Committee of the College.

Stage V:

If the grievance couldn’t be solved at Stage IV the final decision regarding the grievance is vested in the hands of the Principal of the College.

Stage VI:

The matter which could not be resolved at Stage V would be referred to Top Management for further procedure.

Stage VII:

If the grievance couldn’t be redressed at Stage VI it can be resolved at University of Mumbai, Grievance Cell.

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